1 thought on “Chill Stream – Refactoring Discord Bot – node.js and discord.js

  1. Up to you, but you might want to consider switching from nedb to enmap, which is a fairly new package. It's sort of similar to nedb in that it's a single-file db, though it uses sqlite backend instead of json and was made specifically to be used for persistent saving of djs's Collections, though it also acts as a simplified layer on top of sqlite so it can save any other stuff as well like your COC/Intro message object.
    I'm personally not using it though, since I deploy on Heroku (mainly because it's free without limited time) and anything outside the files contained in the repo or packages (anything generated) gets cleared once a day so I have to use a fullsize db for my bot, though Heroku will auto-build from the Github repo when I push changes into master which is pretty nice (I just dev on a separate branch and PR/merge into master when I want to deploy).

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