11 thoughts on ““Chat Bot Bonus” Java Tutorial

  1. downloaded code. ran through cmd prompt. Got: ChatBotBonus.java:48: error: invalid method declaration; return type required
    public ChatBot(){ Help me understand.

  2. I made a chat bot, and i cheacked this out because I wanted to see how other people did it, pice of advice, when it comes across an exeption have it gennerate a random question. but overall GREAT VIDEO!

  3. Hello! love your videos – very informative. I'm wondering if it's possible to make the bot ask you questions that you answer and it remembers these and gives responses based on them. Like say:
    BOT: Hi my names Lucy! What's your's?
    You: Matt
    BOT: Hi Matt.
    (But still using the array system.)
    I know it can be done with text.equals() and stuff. Just wondering if this is possible.

  4. I think I did it a similar way when I first started making the program but it became better as I made more adjustments. I don't think you can use strings in switch statements in java so I wouldn't be able to do it that way anyway.

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