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Tutorial on how to make a Java JAR file with the command prompt

A tutorial on how to turn your Java code into a jar file using the command prompt. Command starts at 2:29. Enjoy!

Learn Programming in Java – Lesson 00 : Getting Set-up for Learning Java

In this first video in the series which will teach you how to program in Java, we will walk through getting your computer setup with Java and Netbeans. We’ll also download the sample exercises and take a quick tour of the Netbeans development environment. Links from the

Java Programming Tutorial – 59 – Class to Hold Objects

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Git commit in pure java

We explore how to commit a file in java and how the git file structure is structured. Git repository: Please follow me on twitter Tweets by kalaspuffar Leave a comment, like and subscribe. Music:

Java Slick Tutorial for Beginners

Java Slick Tutorial for Beginners. Java Slick Tutorial. Topics covered in this tutorial are: – Installing Java, Eclipse and Slick – Setting up Slick with Eclipse – Creating a simple Slick program – Running sample Slick programs I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

Web Security Vulnerabilities Remediation in Java J2EE Application This Webinar will answer: What all Websecurity standards should be generally followed in a typical web application? What are the typical Websecurity vulnerabilities? How the security vulnerabilities remediation can be planned across SDLC? What is Threat-Risk model? What are the security vulnerabilities remediation implementation techniques and

Using Java/Spring to upload a file to S3

Uploading a file to s3 using Java/Spring and the AWS SDK.

Let’s play Coding Bat! Java String – 1

Java Maze Solver – Part 1

First video in a (possibly) short series where we write a maze solving program in Java.

Code Quality Tools for Java by Orest Ivasiv