Canon 7Dii Focusing Tutorial Training | How to Focus | Overview Review Tips Suggestions

Canon 7Dii Tutorial Training Video can be ordered here:

The optical focusing systems are among the very best I have ever seen for 3 reasons:

1. Total Coverage
2. All 65 squares are cross type
3. 10 FPS

Put those three together and you have a machine gun of a sports shooting camera, and I have been very impressed so far.

This Focusing Tutorial is made for beginning and intermediate photographers to…

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24 thoughts on “Canon 7Dii Focusing Tutorial Training | How to Focus | Overview Review Tips Suggestions

  1. Hi Michael   I am 5 years late in seeing this video, I hope you are still around to make any comments, This is the BEST video I have seen on explaining how  this Camera works, I shall be getting my camera out and doing some adjustments.Great video Regards Welshman 2081

  2. Got a quick question. I've noticed my action shots are getting blurry
    while shooting in the high speed cont mode. I always thought that the
    auto focus would be focusing continuously while shooting in this mode.
    Not true. It only focuses on the first shot or do I have a setting
    turned off? PS Most shooting is in
    the Auto mode and some in the Av mode with the Bracketing on. Thanks

  3. I can get a brand new Canon 7D Mark II here for about 800 USD. I know it’s 4 years old. But still for Action / Wildlife / Sport it’s a great preforming camers, even in 2018. Especially for this price. What do you think?

  4. Good tutorial except you never use all points. These points were installed for a reason. USING 65 POINTS and MANUALLY selecting your focus point the camera will track even a large bird in flight. If your experienced at keeping it on your subject. With a little practice it becomes second nature. Never limit yourself in your photography… For the love of photography.

  5. Hi Michael, i need your advice. I have been beating my head against the wall. I don't know if you remember but I have mentioned that I want to upgrade my Canon T3i to a camera suitable to shoot my daughters competitions ( All-Star Cheer) as I have said before this is an indoor sport and as you may imagine the lighting is horrible so I need a camera that works good in low light and has fast focus tracking, battry lifeas well as performing in low light at least 10 fps.Well, I am finally going to pull the trigger this year and I am in a debate between the Nikon D500 and the Canon 7D Markii. I have been looking at some comments about the &D m2 and some say that there is an issue with the autofocussing tracking. I happen to like canon and I would like to stay with a canon the price seems to be good but the autofocusing tracking is my main concerned what would you or anyone in the group suggest? Thanks.
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  6. Hey Michael I have a 100-400 IS II and a Canon 7DmkII….why is the 65 point focal area, greyed out? it's not available…even
    in Auto Focus…. Now when I pop a 50mm Canon 1.8 on it…the 65 point focal area is available?

  7. Don't know why I have a flashing focuspoint beside my centerpoint – or whereever I move my focuspoint. This flashing point keeps the same place and just flashing?

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