Build A Restful Api With Node.js Express & MongoDB | Rest Api Tutorial


We are going to cover how to create a restful api using node.js express and mongodb together with mongoose.

Rest apis help us decouple our backend code from our front end so we can use it across multiple application (mobile apps, web apps, etc).
We are going to learn how to build a simple blog post type api with all the useful methods(GET,POST,DELETE,PATCH).

We use…

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49 thoughts on “Build A Restful Api With Node.js Express & MongoDB | Rest Api Tutorial

  1. This is the stuff we are studying in class right now. I still can't understand how everything connects and when to do what…. So this vid was a great review, but will probably have to listen again and again! Your tutorials are awesome!!!

  2. Awesome tutorial here, been looking for this RESTAPI with async await, it just came at the right time. I would like to see you go in depth with user auth and bcrypt. You just saved a soul

  3. This was awesome!
    Coming from an ASP.NET background I always wondered if was there a MVC way to structure my node application
    This was clear and concise.

    Please continue like this, you're amazing!

  4. I think that it will be cool if U make tutorial for authorization (registration, login) app with some other features (for example,using React for front), and show how to integrate that with backend. Thank u for great explaining.

  5. if possible by any chance, can you please start making Flutter tutorials? by your feed it seems clear you love web dev (who doesn't 🙂 )
    but it would be great to see you making Flutter tutorials, considering it booming these days

  6. Hey Ed, I'm really loving your tutorials!! Getting started with express, and, it's been great. But, I haven't got a really great guide on user management(auth) in express. Do you have a better guide for it? If so, kindly share it with me :). If not, having you do the tutorial would be really awesome!

  7. Hi Ed. Thanks, really amazing as all of your videos tutorial but honestly I missed the previous videos with the web design, web animations and new techniques you have been teaching us so I hope this is not starting to be only hard core programming channel e.g react and nodejs. I think you are amazing anyway …

  8. You have real talent to explain things, can you do more videos about React? some Events related ( animations and interactivity ), or do you plan to make some course at Udemy/Pluralsight?

  9. Hey I'm getting an error saying the connection string I take from the .env file is undefined. Error says the URI to connect should be a string. Any idea what I did wrong?

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