Ball Pythons – For the Absolute Beginner!

In this video I’ll give some very basic beginner info about the amazing Ball Python.


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30 thoughts on “Ball Pythons – For the Absolute Beginner!

  1. I have to say Chris, love you vids they are very informational. I had 4 pythons 8 years ago and had to sell off due to divorce and relocation to ND from IN. In the past 2 weeks I have acquired 10 Balls and got some rats for my own breeding; just ordered my rat and reptile rack from ARS. I do plan on keeping and breeding at one point but, I want to start out slow as I don’t know which ones to buy and cross. I have to do a bit of research and get into it 1 step at a time. Great videos thanks!

  2. Great video. They are an awesome pet. Bought first 2 months ago. Got him and ordered another week later. Long story short. Have 6 now in two months and now looking at my seventh. But I'm gonna hold a spot for a bamboo from you. Hopefully you will help me in doing so. Would love to get a ball from you. You the man!! Cheers Chris have a great day!

  3. Hi chris, I was wondering what's the average weight for a male yearling BP?

    I know mine is underweight because you can see his spine. I weighed him today and he is 578 grams. When I got him he was just over 500. Like I've said before I got him already underweight in may and finally got him to eat about 3 weeks ago.

  4. The only regret that I have relating to your program is my interest is heavy into king and milk snakes. Nevertheless, your posts are cross related. No other site specializes in king/milk snakes. I watch all of your posts.

  5. A breeder I know here where I live says housing ball pythons together are just fine DEPENDING on the python if you raise it all its life with other ball pythons itll know no different an be just happy they might be more social than we think, I've purchased 2 of my snakes from him.. so now I have a separate hide for my baby pastel, an the adults have their own, it's pretty cool an they all ate today my female slammed two jumbo mice, my male slammed two adult mice. The breeder I know says it's better feeding them mice, especially if they only eat live which my female only takes live but Petco only had the jumbo mice. I usually buy from my breeder but he was closed… support your local reptile stores not Petco etc I have some chill pythons, not one has struck me, my male didnt take the small rat, if your snakes aren't taking rats feed them two mice they will take it right away

  6. Are Bamboo Pieds a thing? I feel like that would be a neat combo.

    I can't wait to get my first python! I'm hoping to go to NARBC Arlington next month, and maybe picking one up if I get everything together in time!

  7. One thing I wish I knew, starting out… don’t try to help them eat, even if it looks like they’re struggling. I made that mistake once and got tagged for my efforts.

    Oh… and that ball python bites are weak, compared to cat or dog bites.

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