Autocomplete Textbox using Typeahead with Ajax PHP Bootstrap

In this video we have make Autocomplete or Autosuggest Textbox by using Typeahead Jquery plugin with Ajax PHP and Bootstrap. Follow this tutorial and any one can create dynamic autocomplete search by using Bootstrap typeahead with Ajax and PHP. For Source Code and Online Demo –

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21 thoughts on “Autocomplete Textbox using Typeahead with Ajax PHP Bootstrap

  1. Hi.. I from Argentina.. Thanks for this video.. I´m testing the code.. all is ok until I decided to use the following code to include other php page.. The code is <?php include ("include/menu.php");?> When this code is in the page, the autocomplete code not work… Can you help me ? Thanks

  2. Very nice. Thx you. Please make another tutorial where one can use the above code and populate multiple text boxes from the selection. There is almost no code like this on the web. Eg. select item in list and populate product code, description and price automatically. Thx for the great tutorials

  3. Hi there!I have a curiosity. How will you load or show the contents of selected options into table on selection ?For example,if I select UK then it should show its capital ,cities into table which must produced dynamically from database.Please show it your video.

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