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CSS Animations and Transitions: 01 Transitions

For my online course here:

Core Java Interview Questions – Equals Method and Equals Operator UDemy Coupon Codes: Spring Framework in easy steps: Java Web Services Java Web Services Part 2 Core Java Made Easy Junit and Mockito Crash Course JDBC Servlets and JSP XML and XML Schema in easy steps XSLT XPATH

How to Load Code – JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners

Loading JavasSript code into web programs that you write. One way is to inline the source code inline right on the document using the script HTML tag. The other is to import the app from an external .js file using the src attribute of the tag. Copyright

Image acquisition using webcam in Matlab

We acquire images using webcam in Matlab in this session. The code is available at

Session 1 : Programming 101 (JavaScript, C, C++, Java, PHP, C#)

“Learn Programming From Lifestyle” : Session #1 Programming 101 (JavaScript, C, C++, Java, PHP, C#) all programming languages specially for non programmers or programmers who have just started. Nowadays programming is like a must have skill. Any reviews are welcome. Help us make the next session better.

writing inputs to text files – python 3.6

Since i’m studying software engineering I decided to do some programming in my holidays so im currently making a game, will update with more videos later. I also decided that i would start making basic tutorials for things i found hard when learning python. leave a comment

SQL for Beginners – OLTP Online Transaction Processing System

Part of SQL Development for Beginners Series. This series provides Oracle SQL tutorial for beginners who would like to learn about Oracle SQL language and want to get into Oracle SQL development. This video series would help even an existing database developer. This is Part I or


Hi everybody ! You’ve purchased, installed and configured your Recalbox. But you find that the presentation lacks images, text? Here’s a trick to add to your gamelist a lot of metadata (jacket, description, game info), automatically retrieved on the Internet thanks to the software Universal XML Scraper!

WiFi Jammer ESP8266 NodeMCU | Works on Android / iPhone

Wi-PWN vs ESP8266_Deauther Responsive Material Design UI, with optional dark mode Integrated Deauth Detector (with full PIN customization) Connect Wi-PWN onto an external WiFi network Info page with total packets sent, uptime, memory usage, check for updates… Introduction What is Wi-PWN Wi-PWN is a firmware that performs

C++ Tutorial 11: Enums/Enumerations

We learn about enumerations, a really useful tool for creating our own types, and how/ why we use them. We make a food example for practice, and a boolean example for real world usefulness. Please leave comments, rate, subscribe, etc. NEW GOAL, LET’S GET 100 SUBS BEFORE