23 thoughts on “Ask me programming stuff

  1. There is a function in java called
    hasnextint which i use in while loop and use it to take input in array untill user press enter

    How to do that in python

  2. @cleverprogrammer To be honest, I have seen most of your video's. But, u always talk abt how u can make so many dollars as a freelancer or as a developer and I actually like it. Most of your video's are just like clickbait. Plz don't take me wrong, at the beginning I loved watching your video's and u were like my inspiration to get started for programming. But, plz make video's to the point. By this what I mean is, make many video's on learning new programming languages and at the same time, make it clear how we can actually get a job as a python freelancer or etc. Even at this point, I have still not understood how can I get a job as a python freelancer after watching many of your video's. I hope you understood me.Thanks for taking time to read this!

  3. hey qazi, bro I am confused. what should I do? Which course of yours should I enroll. I do not understand. Can you give a direction? I enrolled for the free basics course. Now what should I do?

  4. He started his story with """I was walking in Chicago and It was really cold out""" then I thought he was gonna say then I saw Jussie Smollet being being bet up by some Nigerians in MAGA hats yelling this is MAGA country…. Lmao.

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