5 Beginner Friendly Steps to Learn Machine Learning

This video breaks down practical steps on how to learning machine learning with Python. It’s the video I wish I had watched when I started learning machine learning.

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Step 1 – Learn Python, data science tools and machine learning concepts
Elements of AI –
Python for Everybody on Coursera -…

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29 thoughts on “5 Beginner Friendly Steps to Learn Machine Learning

  1. Great video Daniel!! I did Andrew Ng's ML on coursera and now I am doing the data scientist path on Dataquest. Nobody ever mentions it but I think the practical learning style with short reading tutorials and no videos is fantastic, makes you retain a lot more information and apply it, along with guided real world projects.

  2. This video was great! The thing I liked most was that while you laid out the steps you provided links/sources from where one could learn that stuff from. I would definitely recommend this video to anyone starting out. Wish I saw it earlier! Nice work Daniel!

  3. Biggest challenge is maintaining consistency in learning. 10 hours in a week spaced out 2 hrs per day is better than 10 hours on a Sunday! It is important to stay connected with the coding part daily doing some kind of activity related to data manipulation.

  4. The whole machine learning concept is vast I suggest trying to figure out what objective you want achieve by ml like nlp or classification or optimization games then learn tools of ml to attain that objective.I had been learning ml for last one year and realize I was going no where the concepts ,theories are vast and there is lot to cover.

  5. The problem with me learning machine learning is that the course I am taking on Udemy is pretty good. Explain the reason behind the model and then code it using some real datasets. But I am confused, after learning lots of regression models and now started to be introduced to lots of classification models. When should I use this specific regression model and not that? Should I try them all to reach the model with best score? ( I ask my self).

  6. Actually I started a course on Udemy about Machine Learning with python and R (I am taking the python part) 2 months ago. It is the best selling in this domain. The main key that the instructors explain the reason behind a model and then go and type the code for it using some dataset. Scikit, pandas, numpy and matplotlib are included. It is a good start. No math involved. Sometimes, I search for the math behind of some of the models by myself. I will finish it in about 2 months and go through your 4th step.

  7. I'm so interested to get into ML. But before I do anything I need a system though that keep tracks on what I've learned. I've asked about this from a lot of people and most of them said that you better taking notes while you're learning. I know it's a perfect way to solve my problem but I don't know how exactly do that. If you could do a video about this that will be so valuable for majority of people who learn to code by them self(self taught) like me.

  8. Much thaks for sharing your experience. Very inspired for your work and your videos. I work for a finance institution and I dived into VBA as my first programming language, I automate most of my tasks with VBA. Right now I got bored and I start to look for something more powerfull, with that I got to python and your channel. Very helpful channel and info bro, thanks to you I am looking for a new job as a data scientist. The requisites are a lot! right now I am taking the Michigan course Applied data science, I am having a lot of fun with that jajaja. Also do you know why in the data science requisites they ask you to know cloud programming and Qlik view , Power BI if you can create dashboards with python too?

    Just past by to tell my history here jaja and that I very appreciate your work because helps a lot of people that feel that can use new tools to help others or discover that they have others interests.

    Thanks bro.

  9. Datacamp would be my recommendation or IBM Data Science On Coursera. As a beginner with zero or little maths skill, Andrew NG course is too advanced and obsolete
    one thing i would advice, Don't be discouraged by peoples code/work – there are only few experts in the wide growing field.

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