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Course & Video Description:

Lecture: In this video, I’ll talk about Number in JavaScript. The number object enables you to represent a numeric value. It may be integer or floating point number.

Course: “JavaScript: Learn JavaScript Essentials And Build Project”

This course will teach you the most popular programming language in the world. Which is JavaScript! Yes the JavaScript!

If you are interested in building dynamic & interactive projects in web development then this is the right course for you.

This course will start teaching you very basic of JavaScript language and will gradually take you to the advance level.

You will learn deep understanding of JavaScript concepts. You will see the beauty and power of JavaScript language and you would be able to apply all these skills in modern web development.

Along the way, you will have quizzes, coding assignments to polish your JavaScript programming skills.

You will learn JavaScript coding standards with best practices.

After learning all the essentials of JavaScript language then you will build an interactive web project. And you will see, how with very basic html, css and JavaScript essentials you can build modern looking web projects.

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