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Php Programming Toolset | Part 3

HY friends, Technical iTianz, here u find complete ethical hacking course …..for your organization security. Remember it is just for the knowledge and security purpose, also more knowledge about different fields of programming, funny videos, funny stage dramas etc 🙂

Python basics.

Simplest screensaver. Few hours with Python from zero level. I like it!

SQL Server Statistics time

Click here to Subscribe to ITPORT Channel : Get Accurate milliseconds that required milliseconds to parse, Compile and execution for each statement.

CSS – Progress Bar With Animated Stripes

Code used : Add ‘transition:.3s’ to ‘stripesLoader’ class so that if you change progress value, it will change smoothly. I set up a demo of changing progress value at

Day 12 Web Design- Learning HTML – basics first

In this short video I go over the basics of what HTML is and how to start and save an HTML document. This is the first video for learning the basics of HTML. Future videos will go into more details.

How to Code – JavaScript Fetch

Snippet: A demonstration on how to use the Fetch API with JavaScript. A much simpler approach to making a XMLHttpRequest/AJAX call. (To use the API URL used in the video for your own learning set date to today’s date UK time) Open up your Chrome

CodementorX: World-Class Freelance Developers On Demand (Python)

CodementorX ( connects world-class freelance developers to engineering teams on demand. Is it easier to become a professional snake charmer or hire a top Python developer? With CodementorX, you can hire world-class Python developers and top freelance engineers on demand. Learn more about CodementorX at

Filtering Data using Wild Cards SQL Server

Published on Jul 25, 2017: In this video, we will learn search for patterns in our data using wildcards and like operator. Please find below the queries used in the video. /****** Script for SelectTopNRows command from SSMS ******/ SELECT [ProductKey] ,[EnglishProductName] ,[StandardCost] ,[Color] ,[ModelName] FROM [AdventureWorksDW2012].[dbo].[DimProduct]

Ionic Framework: Create a Chat App for Android (4/37) – Course Contents

Create a Real-time Chat Application for Android and iOS using HTML, CSS and JS and the server backend as well, on Cloud. Ionic Framework: Create a Chat App for Android is an intermediate level course for students, web developers, professionals who have basic to moderate skills in

The CSS Box Model

B is for Box The box model properties width, height, margin, padding and border describe the form of any box on the web. But the default sizing model makes life difficult when working out the computed width and height of an element. Instead, setting box-sizing:border-box allows the