2: Simple Explanation Of The MVC Model | OOP PHP Tutorial | Learn OOP PHP

Simple Explanation Of The MVC Model | OOP PHP Tutorial | Learn OOP PHP. In this PHP tutorial I will give a simple visual explanation of the MVC model in OOP PHP.


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33 thoughts on “2: Simple Explanation Of The MVC Model | OOP PHP Tutorial | Learn OOP PHP

  1. Hi, this is a helpful video on how each part works but I can't help noticing the flow of the diagram (Website -> C -> M -> V -> Website). From my experience the controller talks to the model then the model does the database transaction and hands the result back to the controller. The controller may process the information from model before handing the information to the view. (Website -> C -> M -> C -> V -> Website)

    Again this is a helpful video explaining how each part works!

  2. Hi Daniel, I finished your 65 episodes of procedural php and 14 episodes of OOP, you explained it very well and I thank you very much for such effort. Can u make tutorial series for creating MVC from scratch? I found one here in youtube with 9 episodes but he didn't explained it well. I hope you can make this possible. Thank you! 🙂

  3. I have a question. The way our teacher explained MVC is actually a bit different:

    the model contains the representation of actual objects its logic and controlls it in a self sufficient way, including queries on the database.

    The view only handles user interaction. So regarding PHP just consists of outputting values of variables and HTML.

    The controller handles the communication between the view and the model classes.

    There is no direct communication between the model and the view and only the main controller knows everything.

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  5. Best MVC explanation ever. Your OOP PHP tuts are the best. Just wondering if you have video or can you make one on how to build a PHP website using the MVC model (how the directories and files work, routing etc. )

  6. My whole life was a lie?

    I mean I knew that if a user search for something , the Controller takes care of the request , "ask" for information the Model which is the DB , and the Model respond ONLY to the Controller , which tells the View "Ok I found this so give the user this".

    I knew that Controller is the Middle Man and the Model and the View never communicate, only the Controller communicate with the Model and the View.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong

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