2 New Beta Minecraft Updates But People Are Mad? + Games Pass

New Beta Updates for 1.14 & 1.11 are out now for Java and bedrock respectively!

– The Previous Video(Let’s Play 391):

– Think you’ve missed something? You might have, and you can check my most recent uploads here:

– Curious about PILLAGE AND VILLAGE? Here is a playlist of videos on it!

Update Adventures (Xbox Let’s…

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44 thoughts on “2 New Beta Minecraft Updates But People Are Mad? + Games Pass

  1. Hi, long time subscriber, first time commenter here, I was wondering if you or these lovely people could help me?
    I play Minecraft bedrock on switch and I’m struggling to find a survival island seed for the newest update, can anyone help me out please?

  2. A very small minority are actually mad. You seem to like making up issues that don't exist. Like when you said people hated the stonecutter returning. Uh No? Literally I've seen almost zero hate for it.

  3. I’m glad they removed the pillaged ability to open doors AFTER THEY OPENED A DOOR AND KILLED ALL MY VILLAGERS.

    Thank you Microsoft, very cool.

  4. something i’m very mad about is that, because of the new crouching mechanics, i can’t shift click while flying in creative, which makes building red stone and stuff a lot more annoying

  5. Hey Toycat, I recently emailed you an amazing seed, alongside some description. Pretty much your "this seed is amazing but it has one huge flaw" video, exept the fortress is intact.

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