04: Python Robot Simulation with V-Rep | V-rep Tutorial

Step-by-step robot simulation with Python and V-Rep with obstacle avoidance of a Pioneer 3DX differential drive robot.

This video shows you how to connect Python with V-rep and how to write a simple obstacle avoidance script in python that randomly drives a Pioneer P3DX around a scene, while avoiding obstacles. It’s no Google self-driving car, but it gets the job done. Within the tutorial I will go over how to set up the V-rep Python connection, retrieve object handles, control robot…

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25 thoughts on “04: Python Robot Simulation with V-Rep | V-rep Tutorial

  1. Is V-Rep is better for Swarm Robotics simulation(for less than 15 robots on the scene)? I want to create an academic project by implementing some of the SI algorithms. If I added more robots on the scene, what should be the strategy for writing code? Could you please make a video on that using Python Remote API?

  2. Hi, Nikolai. your video is my good start. I mean that you help me too much. But I have a problem now: I type command as what you show us, but my vision sensor handle is 57 however errorcode is still 1, I am troubled in that a few days and google search no answer. Could you help me?

  3. hi.initially a want to apologize for my english,no use translator.
    only want to know if vrep i a good training to develop after real robot with my personal script python.
    i know about ros,but is only linux,and is hard to work on a VM with my notebook

  4. Hello Nikolai,
    I am having some problem while importing v-rep into spyder, i think there is a problem in remote api bindings, so if you can help me with my query. Also, i am using windows 10 home.

  5. Thank you very much sir.

    Sir if possible kindly upload

    Lua (Torch+LuaJit) Robot Simulation with V-Rep | V-rep Tutorial. Tutorial for image display and saving operation using remote api function of Lua.
    Thank you once again for such a nice and easy way of explanation. It's so useful.

  6. Many thanks with this tutorial, It has helped me a lot with the "easy" way to link Python with V-REP. I've safe lot of time trying to do it. Well explained and structured. Thanks again for your time 😉

  7. Hello sir, first of all thank you for this great tutorial, I am pursuing my PhD in intelligent networked robotic system, so I want to use fuzzy logic and neutral network to make my robot autonomous, sir kindly upload a video or give me some links where I can find how to API Matlab with VREP(though I have done that still want to learn from you sir), and how to use fuzzy logic and neutral network in VREP. please sir I really need your help.

  8. Hello, thanks for the great tutorial that has helped me a lot, I would like to ask will it work if I want to extract the data from the Hokuyo Laser Range Finder from vrep to python by using the method you did for the proximity sensor on the pioneer robot? Or is there other method to extract the data from the Hokuyo laser sensor?

    Your assistance is greatly appreciate.

  9. Great video! Do you know a lot about ROS(Robot Operating System). It seems like a very robust system that a lot of robots are using. Unfortunately there are not a lot of good tutorials, you should do them if you have some background in it!

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